15 Teen Birthday Party Ideas for Your Tween or Teen Girls!

15 Teen Birthday Party Ideas for Your Tween or Teen Girls! 1. Instagram is always a hit with the teens! Isn’t this party just adorable!? 2. Have the kids make their own pizza! Girls love to cook so why not combine it with another fun activity!? 3. While an ice cream buffet is sure to be another hit! 4. Because the […]

Great Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Great Birthday Party Ideas for Girls. Part of the series: Children’s Birthday Parties. If you’re looking for great ideas for a girl’s birthday party, why not explore the many fun possibilities of a tea party, complete with mixed-and-matched cups and saucers, elegant decorative touches and place cards for each guest. Have a tea-terrific time with […]

8 Cool Birthday Ideas For Tweens and Teens

As your child heads into the emotional teenage years, it can be difficult to find the right way to celebrate his or her birthday. Several Circle of Moms members, in fact, admit they are at a loss as how to keep their children and their friends entertained once they’re past the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey stage. “My daughter is turning […]

Birthday Ideas For An Unforgettable Special Day.

Who doesn’t love a good birthday surprise (minus people who don’t like surprises of course)? It’s nice to know your friends and/or family think about you and your special day. Some people may even fall victim to expecting a birthday surprise and never receiving one. Don’t let that happen to your friends. Now we all […]