DIY Projects For Pets

Perhaps you mastered dozens of DIY home projects and are constantly making the front page of Etsy and Pinterest. Little do you know that as you sit at your workspace, surrounded by glue and scissors and sanding materials, you pet is gazing at you longingly, wishing that you would finally make something for them. Well, […]

Candy Corn Art

Candy Corn Art Forget about sewing — this blogger simply hot glued white, orange and yellow buttons to form this fun candy corn art.

This Woman Transforms Her Husband’s Old Shirts Into Adorable Outfits for Her Daughters

When her husband decided to clean out his closet, one woman saw huge potential in the old shirts he was ready to toss. Stephanie Miller, 27, repurposes her husband’s dress shirts to make adorable dresses, rompers and play clothes for her kids, according to Babble. Once she finishes an outfit, she shares her fashionable creation on Instagram. […]

DIY fidget spinner

Fidget spinners are everywhere these days. And here at Good Housekeeping, we love putting a crafty spin on the latest trends, so Jenny W. Chan of Origami Tree helped us create a DIY version with cardboard, coins and beads. SUPPLIES Pencil ($3 for box of 12, Sheet of cardboard, cut into two 2.75″ by 2.75″ squares Four nickels One dime […]

Tin Punched Votives

Tin Punched Votives Spell out “thanks” with these tin can candle holders for Thanksgiving, or other fall words like “autumn” or “boo” depending when you want to use them to decorate.

Glittery Pumpkins

Glittery Pumpkins An empty toilet paper roll can skip the recycling bin and turn into a glittery, plump pumpkin instead.